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  • What is a sound healing, sound bath, sound meditation"
    Sound healing is an ancient technique that uses tonal frequencies to bring the body to its natural state of vibrational balance and harmony. Given that everything has a vibrational frequency, including ourselves, it make sense that sound frequencies impact how we feel. That's why particular songs and types of music often bring about specific types of emotions from us. The practice of sound bath, is a fully immersive experience where you will be bathed in the frequency of sound. Sounds and vibrations are used to help bring the body and mind into alignment allowing healing to take place. Just as you would get a massage to relax tension in your physical body, sound vibational healing is a sonic for not only your body but your mind as well. Taking a sound bath is taking a holistic approach to relaxation and healing. It can be a perfect escape from the modern stresses of life. Sound has a great influence on our health.
  • How does sound vibrational healing work?
    Sound has a powerful impact on our lives and is all around us. Each instrument serves a different purpose. Crystal sinsing bowls, Tibetan bowls, gongs, drums, tunning forks, chimes are the instruments that practitioners most often use in sessions. Many crystal bowls " are tuned to the notes of the chakras" (major energy centers of the body). The gong is said to help release tension in the bones and stimulates glandular and nervous systems. Sound healing is the practice of intentionally creating waves of harmonic sound which envelop and surround your body. Sound healing practitioners use different methods of sound therapy to enhance your emotional and physical well-being. These practices are based on the fact that life is vibration and that sound vibrational forces can directly influence your health and well-being. Whether you are looking for an alternative method of healing to coincide with traditional medicine or are simply looking for a new way to relax, restore and rejuvenate your body and mind, sound vibrational healing has so any possibilities that you are garanteed to find something that suits you.
  • What can sound therapy help with?
    Sound Therapy can help with an array of ailments dealing with the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual body. May help with: + Relieving Stress + Anxiety +Insomnia + Reducing Pain + Depression +Digestive Issues + PTSD + Fibromyalgia +Cancer + Added Mobility +Brain Function +Increased Blood Flow
  • What should I know before my sound journey?
    Keep yourself hydrated throughout the day. Sound waves travel better through water. When you are well hydrated, you will have a better experience. Eat light and healthy food. A sound bath becomes more impactful when you have an empty stomach. Set your intentions and be positive. Wear warm, comfortable and flexible clothing.Try to arrive 15 to 20 minutes prior to your sound-bating ceremony. Settle yourself in the space with a calm mind.
  • What can I expect to happen during a sound vibrational healing?
    The purpose of this healing modality is to help you turn off your brain, relax and be in the moment. A stress free calm state is the optimum environment for healing to take place. All that is required from you is to show up, have an open mind and heart free from judgement throughout the process. You will be invited to lie down or sit in a chair if you wish to and let yourself be taken on a sonic journey. Sound vibartional healing is a very unique and individualized experience. Depending on how you feel that day, what you are going through personally, your expectations, and your relationship to music and sounds, your experiences can vary.
  • How does sound therapy compares to body massage?
    Massage therapy is a type of sensory therapy used for decades to help the body slow down, release tension and assist the nervous system to rest. Sound therapy can do the same thing but on a vibrational level for the vibrations moving through electronic brain waves witch are constantly moving through the body. The body is full of vibrations. Our very brains operate through electronic waves whitch are constantly sending messages. The rhythm of the heart also creates sound and vibrations within our bodies. Sound and vibrations outside of the body can be used to reset vibrations within the body.
  • Does a sound meditation pose any conflicts with my religious beliefs?
    None whatsoever. Many people find the peaceful state of mind achieved in a sound meditation actually enhances their personal religious experience. Mindfulness is awareness of the present moment and it's cultivated by paying attention. Meditation means knowing thyself. According to Christian Bible, God is the "Word". In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God and the Word, was God. That is what we call the "Yin", the vibration, the Tao, the Buddha Nature in Buddhist terminology, or Sound Current in the Hindu terminology. Once we get touch with that so-called "Word", we are in touch with God because the Word is God. God is not a figure with a long beard or with a stick, standing there telling you what to do. God is a power, a loving current that we can use to mold our life and to make things come into being by this creative substance. This Word or divine vibration is mentioned in all religions. We call it Yin, others call it celestial music, Logos, Tao etc. It vibrates within all life and sustains the whole universe. This inner melody can heal all wounds, fulfill all desires and quench all worldly thirst. It is all-powerful and all-love. The Bible says: Seek you first the Kingdom of God and all other things shall be added unto you. That I have found be the truth. It is the whole truth. And in the Buddhist sutras,for example in the Shurangama Sutra, it also says that: Once you get in touch with this inner Buddha Nature through practicing the Quan Yin Method, the worldly things will go on smoothly too. We can also have other things. And this I have also found to be the truth. Therefore, even bible says similar things. You can find many other examples in the Indian scriptures, Jewish scriptures and other scriptures. That's why we hear that the rich people are blessed by God. It might be true in some sense, but the richness of this world has not always been the symbol of the blessing of God. It just denotes our virtuous way of life the last period of our existence, before this existence, and that's all. The blessing of God come directly, without virtues even, once we are connected with this God power. Buddhism is like Catholicism. I do not think that the teachings are different. When you compare the Christian's ten commandments to the Buddhist's commandments, it's the same: don't kill, don't steal, don't lie, don't drink alcohol or drugs, don't take another's wife or husband. And the rest of the teachings are only details and explanations, or historical events recorded by the disciples when their Master was still alive. In the Bible, for example, there are many accounts of wars, and tribes fighting each other. This doesn't belong to the teaching but because these events took place when that Master was alive, they wrote them down. Jesus was a man, but Christ is a power. That power can be transmitted any time, any place, through anyone who is qualified. Just like electricity, it can go through any wire, if the wire is in good condition and there is a plug. You see, Jesus Christ is the Buddha, and Buddha means Christ. Christ is a Hebrew word for Buddha, and Buddha is a Sanskrit word for Christ. How about that! People never translated these terms in their own languages, they just used the original language and fought over it. There is always trouble because of the incompetence of the human language. At the outset all scriptures encourage people to lead a pure life. 'Thou shalt not kill. Thou shalt love thy Neighbour and thine enemy, not steal,'' etc. The Christian commandments, the Muslim, the Sikh, the Hindu, and the Buddhist commandments are all the same. We shall be good people, loving to one another and purify the inner self. Now, the outer virtues we all know, and most of us can keep the commandments from the holy scriptures, but what about the inner purification and inner realizations which are mentioned? How can we hear God with our own being, without someone else telling us a second-hand story? These are more important questions than just our ethical conduct. Of course, an ethical life is a great help, and a must for one who strives to become one with God, to go back to the Tao, or to become Buddha. These all mean the same thing; to be united with the great source of all things. You might wonder how this all fits in with finding God through meditation. God will not overstep your boundaries. We talked about fear and love as opposites. If you have fears in you and choose not to deal with them, your prayer is that it is ok to live in a fear-based way. God can’t manifest easily in those areas of your life where you have allowed such a thing. If you want God in your life, you will have to decide to love truth over social comfort.
  • What if I cannot meditate?
    Newbies might be wary of trying out a sound bath because they've never meditated in any capacity. However, we all have a relationship with sound in some way, and prior meditation experience isn't necessary at all when it comes to trying a sound bath for the first time. First-timers are sure to reap just as many benefits as those who regularly go to sound baths. Plus, there's no discipline required to participate in a sound bath (besides the ability to lie still and relax). Sound bathing might even be a great first step if you're looking to embark on or deepen a meditation practice.
  • Is this a musical performance?
    Sound bath healers are practitioners, not performers, so don't expect to jam out during a session. In fact, there are no structural aspects (like rhythm or beat) whatsoever in sound bathing. Rather, it's more of a shift in consciousness and a chance to unplug from reality. The result of a proper sound bath is the calming and silencing of the constant chattering in your mind. This allows for a shift in your brain waves from an active state to a relaxed, blissful, and totally dreamlike state.
  • How do I find the room where the sessions are held in the museum
    The sessions are held in the theatre of the museum located on the second floor, as you exit the elevator make a left turn and, you will find the room is right after the General Store on your left. Please feel free to call 786-488-7782 Please wear comfortable clothes,bring yoga mat, pillow, blanket, bolster anything you need to be at ease.
  • Who is Deena?
    My website says sound therapy, but I call myself a wellness & mindfulness coach. For over 25 years, I have accumulated a toolbelt of teachings from life coach to anger management to clinical certification for stress, anxiety, and emotional regulation. My main focus is on the body-mind -and mind connection and being able to drop out of the mind and into our hearts, and into the body to dislocate the trauma stored or where there are blockages of stagnation, or emotional disturbances. Sound is one of the ways you can work through that, and it’s pretty profound. We know that everything in the universe is vibrating. If something is vibrating, it’s making a sound. That means that every part of us is making a sound, and when we’re in harmony with ourselves and with the world, we are our own orchestra. I was told by one of the participants " that "I was a conductor of the cosmos" I believe I am a conduit between the sound instruments and the energetic field providing an opportunity for you to release unprocessed emotions and creating space for your body to do the healing. Deena's intention is to open a wellness center which would include sound therapy with a wide variety of mindful modalities
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