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I am  Subliminal Affirmation!
I am  Subliminal Affirmation!

Wed, Oct 09


The Elliott Museum

I am Subliminal Affirmation!

Experience a unique sonic journey, distinct from all other days, where sound healing takes center stage, transforming your midweek into a symphony of wellness and harmony."

Time & Location

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Oct 09, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA

About the Event

  • We require a minimum of 10 participants for this upcoming Sunday's event. If we don't reach this minimum, rest assured that we will refund those already registered. Your satisfaction and experience are our priorities. I appreciate your understanding.
  • Please enter the museum through the side door next to the Tiki restaurant. Go through both doors and take the elevator to the second floor. The theater is located in the middle of the museum.

The subconscious mind, often referred to as the "habit mind," is the part of our consciousness that operates below the level of awareness. It stores beliefs, memories, and habits, automatically influencing our thoughts and behaviors. This mind is responsible for processing information, forming routines, and managing emotional responses, often without our conscious input. We can transform habits and enhance our overall well-being by reprogramming the subconscious with positive affirmations and intentional practices.

Your subconscious mind learns most effectively when you are deeply relaxed, even in your sleep. During deep relaxation or sleep, your conscious mind quiets down, and your subconscious mind becomes more receptive to new information. This is when your subconscious gets programmed, absorbing and processing what you've been focusing on throughout the day. You see, your subconscious mind cannot distinguish between what you're thinking about and what you're actually experiencing in your life. It simply assumes that whatever you focus on is what you want and will create experiences that align with those thoughts. As you drift into sleep or deep relaxation, your mind begins to process and manifest what you've been focusing on. Therefore, it's crucial to be mindful of what you place into your subconscious mind as you go to sleep since it will soon enter its unconscious state. When you visualize and feel the emotions of your goals and aspirations, your subconscious mind takes these as instructions to create corresponding experiences in your waking life. Instead of dwelling on negatives, envision what you want to achieve and experience. Imagine yourself healthy, happy, and successful, and let these thoughts sink into your subconscious.

The "I am" affirmations and the power of sound healing will reprogram your mind, aligning your subconscious with your goals and dreams. Every Wednesday session will reinforce this transformation, setting the stage for your subconscious to realize these intentions. This practice enhances your ability to manifest your desires and live a more fulfilling life.

What to do and what to bring:

The event sells out quickly- limited space is available

Location: The Elliott Museum, 825 Ne Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL, 34996

Please arrive 15 minutes before the event begins, I promptly start at 6:00 PM

Please abstain from wearing heavy perfumes

Upon arriving, please use the restrooms and turn off your phones.

No call - No show- same day cancellation = No refund

Cancellation within 24 hours, credit will be applied to another time

Wear comfortable clothes, and bring a yoga mat, pillows, blankets, and anything you need to be comfortable

Weighless chairs can be reserved by calling or texting 786-488-7782


  • Sound Healing Waves

    Kindly inform me of your choice by either calling or sending a text to 786-488-7782. Please include your name along with your preference, whether you'll be bringing a yoga mat or would prefer a zero-gravity chair for your comfort at no extra charge. Much Gratitude!

    +$1.15 service fee



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