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Pineal Gland Activation: Sound Healing
Pineal Gland Activation: Sound Healing

Sat, Jul 13


The Elliott Museum

Pineal Gland Activation: Sound Healing

Each Saturday, we explore a different sonic landscape, embracing the power of sound to restore and uplift the spirit. I will provide a list of subject lines at the beginning of each month!

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Time & Location

Jul 13, 2024, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM EDT

The Elliott Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA

About the Event

We require a minimum of 10 participants for this upcoming Sunday's event. If we don't reach this minimum, rest assured that we will refund those who have already registered. Your satisfaction and experience are our priorities. Thank you for your understanding.

  • Please enter the museum through the side door next to the Tiki restaurant. Go through both doors and take the elevator to the second floor. The theater is located in the middle of the museum.

This is your dance with energy.

Prior to the sound session you would be guided in a short 3 minute  breath, exercise

By holding your consciousness in the sixth energy center (the pineal gland) while pulling breath upward from the base of the spine (the source of your creative life force), you’ll draw more energy to the brain. This generates more coherent gamma waves, profound levels of awareness, and intense states of bliss. Dr. Joe Dispenza.

Activation of the Pineal gland is associated with enhanced psychic awareness and perception such as the ability to:

1. Receive intuitive insights and guidance 2. Sense and transmit telepathic thoughts 3. Access the higher spiritual (astral) planes 4. See and sense auric fields and 5. Other high-level psychic phenomenon such as seeing into the future.

Before the Sound Vibrational session, I will guide you through a deep breathwork exercise aimed at awakening the pineal gland. This focused breathing stimulates the pineal gland, and the forthcoming sounds will further enhance this awakening journey.

It's essential to recognize that as the pineal gland hardens due to the accumulation of crystal deposits, it can lead to reduced melatonin production and disrupt the regulation of your sleep-wake cycle. Immersing yourself in a sound bath featuring a crystal singing bowl offers a powerful method to reverse this process.

You can use this practice as a tool for meditation and the restoration of your pineal gland's health. Crystal singing bowls produce binaural beats that fall within specific frequency ranges. Engaging with these frequencies can enhance your likelihood of experiencing positive effects, particularly those associated with the opening of the third eye.

Our pineal glands. They have so much to offer us:

Increased Communication Between Brain Hemispheres: Improved Focus, Memory and Mental Performance

Research clearly shows that the Gamma wave state increases neural synchorny and improves communication between the hemispheres of the brain, which is associated with:

• Higher mental functioning and improved mental perfomance and processing speed • Improved memory and recall • Enhanced ability to focus and concentrate • Improved creativity and problem solving skills • Enhanced learning capacity

The Pineal gland releases melatonin, which allows us to get much-needed sleep and dreams, and they also can produce and release DMT, which has been called “The Spirit Molecule.” Often referred to as the “Seat of the Soul,” our pineal glands are the physical manifestation of our third eyes! They even have a cornea, lens, and retina. So how does calcification occur? Fluoride is known as the most common culprit, and if you’re like me, you grew up going to a dentist that put fluoride all over your teeth when you were a kid, and it was in toothpaste and even our drinking water. That’s a lot of fluoride! And so, now that we are adults, and know about the hazards of fluoride, it’s time to undo what has been done.

It is obvious that on a physical, mental, and spiritual level, the pineal gland is most important. It is also a gland that seems to become inactive as we age. Thus activation of the pineal may prove to be extraordinary in terms of both health, longevity, harmony, and spirituality. It has long been known by mystical traditions that certain sounds can cause the pineal gland to resonate. This is due to the phenomenon of “sympathetic resonance” which occurs when one object is struck and begins to vibrate, i.e., resonate, and is then brought near another object of the same resonance causing this object to vibrate. (For example, if you pluck a string and cause it to vibrate, and then bring it close to another string of same frequency, the string that has not been struck will begin to vibrate and resonate with the original plucked string, even though it has not been physically struck)

What to Bring:

-Wear comfortable clothes, bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets and anything you need to be comfortable

-Weighless chairs can be reserved by calling or texting 786-488-7782- weight limit is 250 lbs

Event sells out quickly- limited space available

Please arrive 15 minutes before the event begins, I promtply start at 6:00 PM

Location: The Elliott Museum, 825 Ne Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL, 34996

Please abstain from wearing heavy perfumes

The theatre is located upstairs in the middle of the museum

Upon arriving, please use the restrooms and turn off your phones.

No call No show- same day cancellation = No refund

Cancelation within 24 hours, credit will be applied to another time.

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