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The Secret to raising your Vibration!

We are all vibratory beings. Have you ever met someone and were instantly drawn to them or perhaps felt very uneasy around them? Maybe there is a person in your life that when you talk to them you feel incredibly energized or there’s someone who completely drains you? This is energy, and as we move through life, we may experience shifts in energy and periods of higher or lower levels of vibration.

It isn’t what happens to us in life, but how we react to it that either increases or decreases its energetic power within us.

When we choose to let go of what we cannot control we also release toxicity that may be attached to it. When we hold onto experiences that were hurtful to us, feelings of anger, fear, jealously, and resentment, can build up in the system, lowering our vibration. These emotions are poison to our being, hinder our spiritual growth and well-being, and often cause us to react in an unconsciousness state to situations.

" In the sound healing community, we like to say that your energy speaks before you say a word."

Edgar Cayce added that music that raises within us the higher vibes would create and build a renewing of our inner self

There are a variety of ways that one may consider raising or maintaining a healthy vibratory state. Be mindful (not to be confused with mind FULL) of your words, thoughts, and actions. Are they coming from a place of love? Bless someone not only with your words, thoughts, and actions, but also from the heart. The universe is all knowing. If our words and actions are not coherent with our heart, it creates a different energy then when these two components are in unison.

What you consume, consumes you!

Are there other factors that can influence our vibrational levels? The answer is yes. One method to increase your vibration is through the foods we consume. Processed foods have a lower energetic value than whole foods. When we eat closer to the source of the food, it contains more vitality which then supplies our system. For example, when you eat a fresh picked tomato from a garden versus canned tomatoes, you are eating closest to the origin of the food and its natural state. Greek physician, Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food.”

Outside of food consumption, what are we consuming? What are our beliefs? What kind of programming are we watching? What colors are around us? Do we maintain a clean and clutter free space? How often do we unplug from technology? Are we getting quality sleep? How are we spending our time? Who is part of our story? These things are a part of our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual diet. If you are wondering how to elevate your vibration to the highest vibration that exist register to one of my sound vibrational healings and come experience the transformation!

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