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Free Lecture - Q & A Dr. Darrell Wolfe, ask the difficult questions!
Free Lecture - Q & A Dr. Darrell Wolfe, ask the difficult questions!

Wed, Mar 01


Flagler Center

Free Lecture - Q & A Dr. Darrell Wolfe, ask the difficult questions!

Welcome to the World’s Most Powerful Bodywork, Emotional & Nutritional Training & Certification. Emotional Health Healing. Together, the Whole Life Coach and Wolfe Non-Surgical Certification are ‘the game-changer’ of healthcare today.

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Time & Location

Mar 01, 2023, 6:00 PM – 9:00 PM

Flagler Center, 201 SW Flagler Avenue, Stuart, Florida, 34994

About the Event

I am so excited to have Dr. Darrell Wolfe, known as The Doc of Detox, and founder World Healing and Training Center  for a special evenings for a live Q & A about New World Practitioner Certification & Training. 


This is your Chance to ask Difficult Questions to

Dr. Darrell Wolfe,

We are Hosting Two


Q & A

All New Information to be Shared!

Reverse the so-called Irreversible!

Dr. Wolfe will cover two lectures in one with more proven strategies to relieve pain: on a Physical, Emotional & Mental level. He will discuss Nutritional Healing, Nutraceuticals, and Frequency Devices, including the Cellsonic. Dr. Wolfe will demonstrate a Wolfe-Non-Surgical.

Products will be on-premises to be purchased.

Dr. Wolfe is available for personal consultations, please call for more details.


The Emotional Intelligence of Health & Healing is the world’s most powerful training. It is a whole-body awakening. All physical conditions have an emotional attachment—the shape and condition of your body mirror the state of your emotional health. You are not your thoughts, and you are not your story. So understand, you cannot have physical health without emotional health, and you cannot have emotional health without physical health; they are a package deal. Even though nobody is talking about this, 95-98% of all your physical symptoms are created by your beliefs, which were passed down to you between the ages of 0-12. You will soon come to understand that if you want to change your reality, you must change parts of your personality. To change your personality, you must change your mind. To change your mind, you must erase old beliefs that were unconsciously downloaded or were force-fed to you. These dysfunctional beliefs do not align with your life’s purpose and need to be replaced with beliefs that are based on the authentic you.

The Wolfe Non-Surgical is the most powerful bodywork ever developed. This is not massage and cannot be compared to any other deep tissue therapy worldwide. From arthritis to fibroids, you will experience results beyond anything else during your very first treatment. Wolfe Non-Surgical is the most effective anti-aging, body-transforming therapy ever developed. All disease is created from physical blocks made of crystallization, displaced calcium, and internal scar tissue, which blocks the energy to heal or thrive. These energy blocks must be eliminated for permanent healing to take place.


We love to see when couples, friends or families come together so that when you and your partner are trained you will be able to eliminate each other’s pain within minutes by using the Wolfe Deep Tissue Technique. You will no longer be at the mercy of making an appointment and putting out thousands of dollars for “Band-Aid Therapy”.

If you join us alone, we will train you so that you can teach someone close to you how to perform Wolfe Deep Tissue therapy so you can continue on your road to optimal health.

With the knowledge of how to finally live the life that you have always dreamed of and a step-by-step guide, personally built for your lifestyle, you will be the Master of your life! You’re either out of control with your health or in control, there is no in between. The only way to be in control of your health is to be in charge of your health and the only way to be in charge is to educate yourself with true wisdom and training that will take your health to the highest level and keep it there.

Until you have a proven strategy, you will have insanity. Going from therapist to therapist, treatment to treatment, and always coming up a day late and a dollar short for the illusive cure. When you finally have a proven plan to follow from the minute you wake up until your head meets the pillow at night, everything else is just a Band-Aid. The most important journey you will ever take is within yourself, and the most important relationship you will ever have is with the self. So, let us help you find your true self.

Where: The Flagler Center, 201 SW Flagler Ave., Stuart, Florida, 34996

Must register here to attend 6-9 PM

More Info: Contact Deena Rahill: 786-488-7782

Cellsonic YouTube Video:

Connect with Dr. Wolfe

Direct: 855-900-4544 ext: 5

WhatsApp : 250-215-8004

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