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What are Bach Flower Essence?

What Dr. Bach developed was a simple form of vibrational medicine. One way of making these healing essences is to put the flower into the cleanest and purest water possible, contained in a glass bowl, and let sunlight shine onto the flower and the water, so the energy from the flower infuses into the water.

Why are they called vibrational medicine?

When taken, these remedies work very subtly on your emotions, and often, you do not notice the difference until you realize that the emotional problems you had are gone. Dr. Bach, like so many other wakening health practitioners, understood the ancient teachings that unresolved emotions and feelings that are negative to the body's well-being will eventually manifest into disease, in one way or another. In particular, stress is an emotional state which, left unattended, will manifest into a physical ailment.


What do Sound Therapy and Bach Flower Essences have in common?

Bach Flower essences are extracts from flowers that positively affect emotional imbalances, physical ailments, and mood fluctuations such as fear, anxiety, lack of motivation, panic attacks, and worrying.

Bach's essence is much like Sound therapy based on the fact "that all life is vibration" they both activate the cells of your body. Combining flower essences & sound vibrational healing sessions can help certain emotional, physical, and spiritual feelings. The frequency of each essence and the frequency of each sound correspond to different parts of our bodies. For that reason, sound healing and the Bach remedies have much in common; Your body responds immediately and effortlessly to both vibrations, and we can now pinpoint specific frequencies found in the natural world and the properties of the body to which they correspond. in the natural world and the properties of the body to which they correspond.

Visit Gina Kearney, certified herbalist.

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