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Saturday Sound Healing
Saturday Sound Healing

Sat, Nov 18


Elliot Museum

Saturday Sound Healing

Gratitude Shift you to a higher frequency, and you will attract much better things!

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Time & Location

Nov 18, 2023, 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM

Elliot Museum, 825 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL 34996, USA

About the Event

The event requires a minimum of 10 participants. If this minimum is not reached, your ticket will be refunded.

Do you believe in Magic? I invite you to join me for a transformative sound healing session centered around gratitude.

Sound healing and gratitude share a symbiotic relationship, intertwining to create a harmonious journey toward well-being. The gentle vibrations and resonant frequencies experienced during sound healing sessions create a serene space where the mind unwinds and the heart opens. In this state of relaxation, individuals often find it easier to cultivate gratitude. The therapeutic sounds act as a catalyst, melting away stress and fostering a heightened awareness of the present moment. As the mind becomes attuned to the positive vibrations, a natural shift occurs, allowing for a deeper appreciation of life's blessings. Whether through the pure tones of the singing crystal bowls or the ethereal tones of a gong bath, sound healing serves as a conduit for gratitude, encouraging individuals to embrace the beauty in their lives with a heart full of appreciation.

Gratitude is a powerful catalyst, igniting a cycle of abundance. When we embrace gratitude for the blessings already present in our lives, we send a powerful signal to the universe. This signal, like a harmonious echo, attracts more of what we hold dear, perpetuating a cycle of positivity and fulfillment. In recognizing and appreciating the goodness around us, we open ourselves to receiving even greater treasures that align with our grateful hearts.

Gratitude operates through a Universal law that governs our whole life. According to the law of vibration, which governs all the energy in our universe, from the formation of an atom to the movements of the planets, is followed by the law of attraction. “like attracts like” in your life, the laws operates on your thoughts, feelings, and beliefs because they are energy too, so whatever you feel, think and believe, you attract to you.

That means that the very “action” of gratitude sets off a reaction of receiving!

Just like Magic, you receive more of what you are grateful for.

Gratitude is the key to happiness and success in life.

In this sound-vibrational journey will give you the opportunity to quiet your busy minds and set an intention of gratitude in your hearts.  Until we meet start this journey by being grateful for what you have right now.

Gratitude’s power is unknown to most people today because to experience the Magic of Gratitude in your life, you must practice it!

No matter who you are, where you are, or your current circumstances, the Magic of gratitude will change your entire life!

Gratitude is not just a spiritual journey; it is a way of life.

Everyone will receive a gift from my gratitude for joining the gratitude journey!

This journey through sound is for everyone at any stage of life. Participants are guided into a resting position, lying down or seated, and supported with props for comfort. It is an opportunity for self-care; to go on an inward journey through a deeply restorative sound healing immersion that includes crystal singing bowls, gongs, drums, chimes, and other instruments. You will come away with a clear mind and a more profound sense of relaxation with feeling restored.  We strongly recommend this event for people who have trouble meditating or feel like they just “can’t get there.”it’s an ethereal experience. You will come away with a clear mind and a deeper appreciation for the wonder of sound.

What to do and what to bring:

Event sells out quickly- limited space available

Please arrive 15 minutes before the event begins, I promtply start at 6:00 PM

Location: The Elliott Museum, 825 Ne Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL, 34996

Please abstain from wearing heavy perfumes

The theatre is located upstairs in the middle of the museum

Upon arriving, please use the restrooms and turn off your phones.

Cancelation within 24 hours, credit will be applied to another time.

  • Wear comfortable clothes, bring yoga mat, pillows, blankets and anything you need to be comfortable
  • Weighless chairs can be reserved by calling or texting 786-488-7782- weight limit is 250 lbs


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